When you think about the fact that some whales in captivity used to live in the wild is so heartbreaking. They had a family, a free life, doing whatever they pleased. No chlorinated water. No frozen fish. Just a life the way an orca was intended to live. And now they live in hot climates with shallow tanks. Away from their real family.

Just really think about it. Think about what captivity has taken away from these animals.



I think people focus on SeaWorld more than other worse facilities because they’re top dog. I mean, SeaWorld is the Rolls Royce of marine parks, the public name, the million dollar company, the parks synonymous with marine parks. They are seen as the figurehead of the marine park industry.

The way I think it works is: when you boycott something lesser known like Miami SeaQuarium, you’re only really against them but if you go for SeaWorld, that’s all the parks, all the different facilities, the industry itself. I think that’s why, despite being one of the better facilities, people go for SeaWorld a lot more of the time.

At least, that’s what I think. //shrug


this is literally how i feel about this particular subject but i’ve never been able to adequately explain what i was thinking. bless.


Meet Stumpy - A young female Orca from Norway.

Born scientists guess around 1995 and first photographed in 96 this makes her about 17 years old. She has been spotted living with 5 different orca groups all whom have been seen protecting her and in 2012 documented helping her eat. Biting a salmon in half and giving the other half to stumpy.

Stumpy also uses more energy than other whales requiring 2 tail flicks for the average orcas one, its why i guess she often swims in a ‘calf’ position next to larger whales staying in their slipstream to keep up. Its probably also why her growth is stunted.

Not only is this quite something to witness  but also that orca have that almost human compassion to take care of the lesser able. It also means great things for the captured orca Morgan’s possible release back into the wild as Stumpy shows that new orca can be readily accepted into other pods.


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What are they up to?


I was wondering, with the news about Kalia and the general breeding frenzy, could SeaWorld be acting in anticipation of overseas expansion in the future? I know its never worked before but it would explain their behaviour….or could it simply be that Corky, Uli, Kasatka,Katina and Tili are older now so SeaWorld wants to ensure replacements?

Just musings…. don’t take anything as fact here

And in regards to Kalia, this is how I’m feeling right now


AI on an 8 year old orca….its madness, wrong, sickening….and she’s still so small ….oh god she deserves so much better.